He Can Make That Work - Eastern KY Floods 2022

The devastation of this 1,000 year flood galvanizes this quote from Harry Caudill, "No region has given so much to so many for so long and received so little in return." Everyone is invited to participate in the Come Back Singing Challenge, by Kristi Miller and Tree Of The Field.

Is your team or church up to the 2022 Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Theme Song Challenge? If so, post your team's effort on social media and let us encourage one another, as we encourage the flood damaged communities of Eastern Kentucky. Join the challenge/invitation to share the great work that is being done as we invite the nation to sing along with a region that has been knocked down but came back singing!

All that you need to do, to accept the challenge is to make a video clip or take some great photos of your team or church packing, shoveling, building, cleaning, sharing in any way in the recovery efforts for Eastern Kentucky. Then place the 2022 Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief Theme Song, "He Can Make That Work," as a sound track to play along with your photo, or have your team sing out a line or two from the theme song.

Accept the challenge to post and join us in showing Kentuckians helping our neighbors.

Song by Berea-native Kristi Miller, in collaboration with Tree of the Field.